March 30, 2006

My Vlog Begins

In 1990 John Cage (d. 1993) said at Darmstadt, "In the morning after taking care, if I can, of my bodily functions, I water the plants... Some days I don't write music. I do graphic work or literary work. I also shop and cook... My idea is to go on living as long as I can. I want to experience the changes that will take place in humanity's relation to the earth on which it lives, if, that is, humanity on earth is to continue."

Lin-chi (Japanese, Rinzai, d. 867) is reported to have said, "Just be ordinary and nothing special. Relieve your bowels, pass water, put on your clothes, and eat your food. When you're tired, go and lie down. Ignorant people may laugh at me, but the wise will understand... As you go from place to place, if you regard each one as your own home, they will all be genuine" (A. Watts).

This morning I got up, relieved my bowels, ate breakfast, and started this video blog.
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