June 23, 2006

Sonar Day: Red Bull Lounge Ana Flavia



Anonymous Ana Flavia said...

Hello! good morning!
This is nice...
All my bests and have a good week!++

write me!
Ana Flavia

3/7/06 12:50  
Blogger JU said...

Hi! Make a lot of time that i don't send a coment in your vlog, i don't know if you will remeber me, but i'm still come here sometimes.
The Sonar Music Festival seens to be great, I hope you had a lot of fun.
If i understand, is this a exposion of musician's work from all world?
My english still sucks, how can you see .I hope you enjoy your traveling and have more that your funny videos soon.
Sorry again about my english

5/7/06 20:54  

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